Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal is one of our most popular services. Raccoons are a common problem animal in Michigan.  Raccoons are a very intelligent animal and have absolutely no problem breaking into your home or business.

Raccoons will often share gender specific common areas with each other.  I have found that if I catch a male raccoon – known as a boar – I will catch more than one.   The same can be said of female raccoons, or sows.  If you have had raccoons living in your home or business for an extended amount of time, chances are that you will have multiple raccoon living in your home.  You may not hear or see a raccoon every night because the animals have multiple den sites in their territories.  When trapping raccoons, we may not have a catch the first night but patience is key.  Once a raccoon has a safe den site they will be back.   After trapping a nuisance raccoon, Stewart Pest Solutions likes to leave a trap set for at least five days in order to trap any additional raccoons using the den site.  Stewart Pest Solutions sets traps directly over the entrances if possible to only capture the problem animals.  There are a lot of companies that simply place a trap on the ground in order to trap any kind of animal.  This is not a good policy.

Female raccoons will, however, find safe den sites where they can remain solitary to raise their young, known as kitten coon.  Female raccoons will typically have between two to six kittens per litter.  Female raccoons will give birth generally in March through May, although I have seen litters through July.  They will then disband in the fall.  Typical areas female raccoons will give birth in a home or business include, but are not limited to, the attic, crawl space, chimney, and wall cavities.   It is important to get the raccoons out of your home quickly.  Once the female raccoon gives birth you may start hearing the young cry.  When you hear the crying, please mark the spot with masking tape. This will help Stewart Pest Solutions find the exact spot the kitten coon are located

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