Residential & Commercial Bird Removal No matter what kind of animal removal or bird control services we employ at Pest Solutions of Mid Michigan, we will do everything in our power to reduce the amount of pain inflicted on the animal in question throughout the eviction and/or removal process. Through affordable and humane removal, trapping, eviction, exclusion, and advanced restoration and cleanup services, we are as close as you can get to a one-stop-shop in the world of Mid Michigan wildlife removal and wildlife control.


Generations ago, the beaver helped define America by driving explorers west.  Today, beavers can be a very destructive animal for home and land owners.  They are relocating into all areas of Michigan.   I’ve personally had a client who had a tree drop on his house at 2:00 a.m..   We took 6 beaver off of his property. Beavers cause damage when they build their homes and gather food.   They will drop trees and haul off sections of the trees back towards their lodge, den, or dam for food and building materials. This disruption of the land kills trees and field crops and can cause the surrounding areas to flood, including roads and homes. Beavers not only live in “lodges” that they build, they also live in holes along the banks of the water that they are calling home.  Beaver bank dens will be a hole roughly the size of a basketball going underground.  If the beaver has a bank den located on your property, be careful and get it taken care of as soon as possible. The bank dens often collapse and large amounts of property damage are the result. Beaver removal is best when you first notice damage to your property.  In the State of Michigan, it is not legal to relocate beaver.  I will always trap and remove them in a safe and humane fashion.


Muskrats are a common wetland animal.  Muskrats are about the size of a football when full grown.  The damage they cause is very common along pond, lake, river, and creek banks, consisting mainly of bank erosion due to the muskrat’s tunneling.  Muskrats will cause soil erosion and muck up your pond or lake front property really fast.  Muskrats plug drain tiles and cost farmers lots of money in damage due to lost crops and flooding.  Muskrats are also responsible for collapsing road edges. Their removal should be done at the first sight of damage before they become established.   Muskrat trapping will be done in a safe and humane fashion.  We also will provide solutions to the property owner on how to prevent muskrat damage in the future.


Mink generally cause no harm and prey on small animals and fish.  Mink sometimes though will target poultry and coy fish causing homeowners large losses in their investments.  If you have coy fish you will want to look out for these small predators.   I will trap and remove mink and offer solutions for future problems. Home Pest Solutions Click To View Services modern-custom-built-residential-home-newly-constructed-with-a-2-car-garage-in-a-residential-neighborhood Home Pest Control Services


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