Tips to Avoid Conflicts with Wildlife

  • Move bird feeders away from the home or remove them altogether.
  • Keep the immediate area around your home or business free of excess brush.
  • Keep trees trimmed back away from the roof.
  • Install chimney caps.
  • Install caps over vents on your home or business.
  • Keep any exposed wood properly protected.
  • Replace rotted wood.
  • Install barrier fencing on decks and sheds before wildlife moves in.
  • Keep landscaping cut back from the foundation.
  • Do not use shredded wood around your foundation.
  • Keep gutters cleaned out.
  • Keep trash cans closed and all trash picked up.
  • Keep poultry fenced off properly.
  • Remember that coyote, fox, raccoon, mink, skunk, and opossum are only acting naturally when they go after livestock.
  • Call Stewart Pest Solutions at the first sign of wildlife damage.


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