Here are the most common questions we are asked. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. or need our services.

Q: How many squirrels, raccoons, and bats do I have in my home?

A: It is always difficult to tell how many of a species are occupying your home.  We perform a detailed inspection of your home and follow up with a trapping or exclusion plan.

Q: Are you going to trap all of the animals in the neighborhood?

A: No.  Stewart Pest Solutions directly targets the animal or animals causing the damage to your home.   Some companies will just place traps around your property just to catch anything they can.  This is wrong and gives our industry a black eye.

Q: Will you catch the critter tonight?

A: It is very possible to catch an animal the first night, but often animals are trap shy or simply just not home.  Squirrels will often use the same denning areas but have often shown reluctance to enter a trap the first night.  Raccoons, woodchucks, and skunks may take several days to return to the damaged site before being caught.

Q: I think I have only one woodchuck (groundhog).

A: Many clients believe that they are only dealing with one woodchuck.  Stewart Pest Solutions has found that woodchucks will use the same den location for several days and then leave for another den site.  Subsequently, another woodchuck may just move in.  I have personally witnessed this in my own yard by watching how wildlife behaves so that I can best serve my clients.

Q: Do I have grubs in my yard if I have moles?

A: Yes, this is true, but you generally have a healthy yard.  The vast majority of a mole’s diet is worms.

Q: Do bats eat mainly mosquitos?

A: No, mosquitos (female) hang out near the ground waiting for a blood meal.  Bats mainly eat moths, beetles, and other insects flying high in the air.  If you have ever deer hunted from a tree, you will notice that you can often climb out of the way of most mosquitos.

Q: How do you know?

A:  I love dealing with wildlife and find that I am always learning something new.  I have been in the construction trades for a good bit of my life and have ben chasing all kinds of animals since I could chase them with a stick.  I always learn new things and see different ways animals will exploit your home.  I – and anyone who represents me – will do their best for any client.

If you have any questions, please call or text and I will do my best to answer them.


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